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Guerilla Tactics Entertainment is the Swedish production company that has given you productions such as Stoned Philosophy (2016), En Bra Ursäkt Att Träffas (2016-), upcoming Psykonaut (2018) and of course, Mary & I (2018)Since Guerilla Tactics Entertainment are doing a fair share of cannabis related entertainment, getting traditional advertisers and funding has been practically impossible. We have relied solely on our own means and small, private donations to make our productions reach the surface. 

We're now kindly asking our viewers to help out if you can. We've opened a shop recently, check out our products here.

If you feel like a donation is not enough and you by any chance feel like you wish to contribute or possibly become an investor of our production company, please write us an e-mail to:


A big thanks to everyone that is contributing or spreading the word about our productions!


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mary & I (Documentary) | 2018

Mary & I is an independent, Swedish cannabis documentary in it's making, aiming to create a healthy debate and law change.

This documentary is the first of its kind to be made in Scandinavia. Wally is touching on a subject that has been highly stigmatized in Sweden for over 40 years. Stirring controversy and debate, this is a movie that will not only put Guerilla Tactics Entertainments name as a production company out there but also contribute to a new era in Nordic cannabis history.

The documentary will be mostly in English, but also in Swedish with English subtitles. 

in production

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en bra ursäkt att träffas (Podcast) | 2016 - 

En Bra Ursäkt Att Träffas, starring Sebastian Svahn & Liam Murray, is Sweden's first (and so far the only) podcast with the purpose to normalize cannabis and it's users. Cannabis is discussed openly surrounding trending topics. Swedish cannabis consumers, musical artists and comedians are regularly invited to attend the show to discuss the controversial topic.

En Bra Ursäkt Att Träffas, has a total of 24×60-90 minutes episodes in season one and season two is right now in production. The podcast is completely in Swedish.

Interested in being a guest? Contact us here: toni.vaux@guerillatactics.net

Psykonaut (web series) | 2018 -

Psykonaut, is a new web series that explores a category of drugs that are controversial, but still many are talkative about; Psychedelics. We will see the filmmaker and entertainer Wally Johnson and Toni Vaux, the satirist/writer with the appropriate name @psykonauten on Instagram, in a safe and careful way, testing psychedelic drugs to show viewers what effects are achieved, but also to dive deep into their minds.

There is a lot of fear and misconceptions about psychedelic drugs. Not to mention ignorance. But scientific studies and research show positive discoveries though. Psychedelic drugs can be the key to being able to treat severe cases of depression, PTSD, anxiety, trauma but also heavy and mild substance dependency.

The first season of Psykonaut, is right now in production. The web series is completely in Swedish, but with English subtitles.


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Stoned Philosophy (Video Podcast) | 2016

Stoned Philosophy, starring Wally Johnson, is Sweden's first (and so far the only) video podcast where cannabis is consumed openly over discussions of trending topics. Scandinavian, international guests, musical artists and comedians where invited to attend the show. There's also reviews of products, strains, cooking segments, growing advices in the show.

Stoned Philosophy has a total of 6×30-60 minutes episodes. The show is completely in Swedish, except for episode five, "Cannabis & Sports".

The show is part of the initiative "Normalisera Mera" (Normalize More), a campaign that Wally Johnson started, with the purpose to normalize cannabis and it's users. Since this is a jaw dropping topic in Sweden, the show stirred up controversy and debate.